Source code for flask_unchained.bundles.controller.hooks.register_bundle_blueprints_hook

from flask_unchained import AppFactoryHook, Bundle, FlaskUnchained
from typing import *

from ..bundle_blueprint import BundleBlueprint

# FIXME test template resolution order when this is used in combination with
# RegisterBlueprintsHook

[docs]class RegisterBundleBlueprintsHook(AppFactoryHook): """ Registers a bundle blueprint for each bundle with views and/or template/static folders. """ name = 'bundle_blueprints' """ The name of this hook. """ bundle_module_names = None run_before = ['blueprints']
[docs] def run_hook(self, app: FlaskUnchained, bundles: List[Bundle], unchained_config: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ) -> None: """ Register blueprints for bundles, where necessary. """ for bundle_ in reversed(bundles): for bundle in bundle_._iter_class_hierarchy(mro=True): if (bundle.template_folder or bundle._static_folders or bundle._has_views): bp = BundleBlueprint(bundle) for route in self.bundle.bundle_routes.get(bundle.module_name, []): bp.add_url_rule(route.full_rule, defaults=route.defaults, endpoint=route.endpoint, methods=route.methods, view_func=route.view_func, **route.rule_options) app.register_blueprint(bp)