flask new

Generate new code for your Flask Unchained projects.

flask new COMMAND [<args>...] [OPTIONS]


Create a new Flask Unchained project.

flask new project <dest> [OPTIONS]


-a, --app-bundle <app_bundle>

The module name to use for your app bundle.

--force, --no-force

Whether or not to force creation if project folder is not empty. [default: False]

--prompt, --no-prompt

Whether or not to skip prompting and just use the defaults. [default: False]

--dev, --no-dev

Whether or not to install development dependencies. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1f8c8>]

--admin, --no-admin

Whether or not to install the Admin Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1f9d8>]

--api, --no-api

Whether or not to install the API Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1fae8>]

--celery, --no-celery

Whether or not to install the Celery Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1fbf8>]

--graphene, --no-graphene

Whether or not to install the Graphene Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1fd08>]

--mail, --no-mail

Whether or not to install the Mail Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1fe18>]

--oauth, --no-oauth

Whether or not to install the OAuth Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1ff28>]

--security, --no-security

Whether or not to install the Security Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1c0d0>]

--session, --no-session

Whether or not to install the Session Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1c1e0>]

--sqlalchemy, --no-sqlalchemy

Whether or not to install the SQLAlchemy Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1c2f0>]

--webpack, --no-webpack

Whether or not to install the Webpack Bundle. [default: <function <lambda> at 0x7f0149a1c400>]



Required argument

flask run

Run a local development server.

This server is for development purposes only. It does not provide the stability, security, or performance of production WSGI servers.

The reloader and debugger are enabled by default if FLASK_ENV=development or FLASK_DEBUG=1.

flask run [OPTIONS]


-h, --host <host>

The interface to bind to.

-p, --port <port>

The port to bind to.

--cert <cert>

Specify a certificate file to use HTTPS.

--key <key>

The key file to use when specifying a certificate.

--reload, --no-reload

Enable or disable the reloader. By default the reloader is active if debug is enabled.

--debugger, --no-debugger

Enable or disable the debugger. By default the debugger is active if debug is enabled.

--eager-loading, --lazy-loader

Enable or disable eager loading. By default eager loading is enabled if the reloader is disabled.

--with-threads, --without-threads

Enable or disable multithreading.

--extra-files <extra_files>

Extra files that trigger a reload on change. Multiple paths are separated by ‘:’.

flask shell

Runs a shell in the app context. If IPython is installed, it will be used, otherwise the default Python shell is used.

flask shell [OPTIONS]

flask unchained

Flask Unchained commands.

flask unchained COMMAND [<args>...] [OPTIONS]


List registered bundles.

flask unchained bundles [OPTIONS]


Show current app config (or optionally just the options for a specific bundle).

flask unchained config [<bundle_name>] [OPTIONS]



Optional argument


List extensions.

flask unchained extensions [OPTIONS]


List registered hooks (in the order they run).

flask unchained hooks [OPTIONS]


List services.

flask unchained services [OPTIONS]

flask urls

List all URLs registered with the app.

flask urls [OPTIONS]


--order-by <order_by>

Property to order by: methods, rule, endpoint, view, or priority (aka registration order with the app)

flask url

Show details for a specific URL.

flask url <url> [OPTIONS]


--method <method>

Method for url to match (default: GET)



Required argument

flask clean

Recursively remove *.pyc and *.pyo files.

flask clean [OPTIONS]

flask lint

Run flake8.

flask lint [OPTIONS]


-f, --fix-imports

Fix imports using isort, before linting

flask qtconsole

Starts qtconsole in the app context. !!EXPERIMENTAL!!

Only available if Ipython, PyQt5 and qtconsole are installed.

flask qtconsole [OPTIONS]