Source code for flask_unchained.bundles.controller.hooks.register_blueprints_hook

from flask import Blueprint
from flask_unchained import AppFactoryHook, Bundle, FlaskUnchained
from flask_unchained.hooks.views_hook import ViewsHook
from typing import *

[docs]class RegisterBlueprintsHook(AppFactoryHook): """ Registers legacy Flask blueprints with the app. """ name = 'blueprints' """ The name of this hook. """ bundle_module_names = ViewsHook.bundle_module_names """ The default module this hook loads from. Override by setting the ``blueprints_module_names`` attribute on your bundle class. """ bundle_override_module_names_attr = 'blueprints_module_names' limit_discovery_to_local_declarations = False run_after = ['bundle_blueprints'] # skipcq: PYL-W0221 (parameters mismatch in overridden method)
[docs] def process_objects(self, app: FlaskUnchained, blueprints: List[Blueprint]): """ Registers discovered blueprints with the app. """ for blueprint in reversed(blueprints): # rstrip '/' off url_prefix because views should be declaring their # routes beginning with '/', and if url_prefix ends with '/', routes # will end up looking like '/prefix//endpoint', which is no good url_prefix = (blueprint.url_prefix or '').rstrip('/') app.register_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix=url_prefix)
[docs] def collect_from_bundles(self, bundles: List[Bundle]) -> List[Blueprint]: """ Find blueprints in bundles. """ objects = [] for bundle in bundles: objects += self.collect_from_bundle(bundle) return objects
[docs] def collect_from_bundle(self, bundle: Bundle) -> Iterable[Blueprint]: """ Finds blueprints in a bundle hierarchy. """ bundle_blueprints = super().collect_from_bundle(bundle) if not bundle_blueprints: return [] blueprint_names = [] for b in bundle._iter_class_hierarchy(): for bp_name in getattr(b, 'blueprint_names', []): if bp_name not in blueprint_names: blueprint_names += [bp_name] blueprints = [] for name in blueprint_names: try: blueprint = bundle_blueprints[name] except KeyError: from warnings import warn warn(f'WARNING: Found a views module for the {} ' f'bundle, but there was no blueprint named {name} ' f'in it. Either create one, or customize the bundle\'s ' f'`blueprint_names` class attribute.') continue blueprints.append(blueprint) return reversed(blueprints)
[docs] def type_check(self, obj): """ Returns True if ``obj`` is an instance of :class:`flask.Blueprint`. """ return isinstance(obj, Blueprint)